Beth Maria, author of the Mended Heart series- Alive and Freedom:
“I used Kendra as my editor when I wrote my debut novel and she did a fantastic job! Kendra is a lovely person, and gets your edits done pretty quickly BUT very thoroughly. I’m definitely using her again for my second book!”

Lindy Zart, author of many books, including- the Anything But series; Charmed series; Incomplete and Complete; Take Care, Sara; and the upcoming Unlit Star:
“Kendra has been beta reading my work for quite some time. I love her feedback. She is thorough and pays attention to all the intricate details necessary to make an unpolished story shine. I highly recommend her.”

CJ Medley, author of Whispering Wind- The Legend:
“Kendra is a fantastic editor.  She not only corrects my mistakes, but she has fantastic insight into the concept of text and the story she is editing.  I could not be happier with her mad skills.” 

EJ Shortall, author of Silver Lining and Silver Dove of the Silver series:
“Kendra edited my debut novel in January 2014. I was pleasantly surprised that she managed to work through it so quickly but still managed to a fantastic job of correcting all the small typos and misplaced commas. I have since had feedback from readers saying it was flawless. Her suggestions for improvement were a godsend and helped me breach the American English – UK English gap. Kendra kept me regularly updated on progress for which I was eternally grateful. If you are looking for an eagle eyed editor that will spot even the smallest mistakes, look no further than Kendra.” 

Maureen Mayer, author of the Second Chances series- Relinquishing Liberty, Unforseen Heartbeat, and Bittersweet Catastrophe: 
“Kendra Gaither’s editing and proofreading skills are a godsend! Not only does she have an eye for catching the tiniest of details and giving honest feedback, but she gets the task done in a timely and efficient fashion. I’m proud to consider myself a client of hers!”



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